Holy Face

O Most Sweet Jesus
You are not my judge but my Savior.
Indugenced Prayer
This holy card was touched to the relic of
the Precious Blood in the Basilica of the Holy Blood in Bruges, Belgium.
Look at the Blood flowing down his cheeks 
and then at the Blood flowing from the Crown of Thorns and you will see
that the artist allows us to imagine the eyes of our Savior opening and closing
No one would be left behind in this whole vast world
if they rose to You as this bird to Your feet. 
This tiny masterpiece is copyright by M. Spotl.

Fountainhead of all mercy

O my Jesus, how dry the heart that moves away from you.
It is by the virtue of my blood,
that the heart is purified and absolved.

At Passover in the Old Testament, the blood of the lamb was smeared on the door posts of the Hebrew people as the sign for the angel of death to passover their homes.

The blood of Jesus Christ cleanses us from all sin.

I found this interesting connection when looking up the word "Messiah"
in a Jewish web site Ancient Hebrew Word Meanings
This word comes from the root mashahh meaning "to smear" as in Jeremiah 22:14
where it is usually translated as 'painted'.
in the ancient world olive oil was ...used as a medicine as it is a disinfectant,
no shepherd was without a flask of olive oil which he
smeared on his sheep's injuries."